When we think safety, it’s natural to be most concerned about how you handle a firearm. You wouldn’t think of resting your finger on the trigger, or pointing it haphazardly. When a firearm is in your hand, it’s clearly your responsibility. So, you take the time to make sure you’re as safe as can be. You keep your firearm clean so it performs exactly as you expect every time.  

 Of course, that same firearm is still your responsibility even when it’s not in use. So you’ll want to be sure you’ve chosen a storage solution that gives you peace of mind. Fortunately there are a wide range of options.

Lock Box

The easiest place to start is a lock box. A single-firearm lock box doesn’t take up much space and works in a wide range of circumstances. On the simple end, they lock with a key or a combination. With a little practice, you can memorize a one-handed combination to access your firearm in a hurry every time. If you want even more personalized security, you can’t do better than a biometric lock, triggered only by your fingerprint. It’s the ultimate in maintaining control of your personal firearm. While laws differ from state to state, a lock box is an essential tool in the safe transport of your weapon too.



On the other hand, if you own multiple firearms, you may not want a lock box for each of them. Many hobbyists find themselves looking for a gun safe. These can range from the size of a breadbox to near bank vault accommodations, bound only by your imagination and your budget. A small entry holds two handguns, while a healthy steel-doored cabinet can comfortably accommodate a full collection of handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Either way, your firearms will be secured from unwanted access and protected from fire as well.

 stackon safe

Trigger Locks & Cables

Two more safety and storage solutions worth mentioning: trigger locks, and gun cables. A trigger lock is just what it sounds like, a lock that physically prevents the trigger from being engaged on your firearm. A cable can secure the firearm in a number of different circumstances—some even thread a cable through the grip in place of the magazine—insuring that, so long as the cable is in place, the firearm can’t be loaded. It’s hard to get any safer than that.

 gun cable

Safety is as important to us as it is to you. You’ll see it in everything we do, like staffing our clean, well-lit ranges with a Range Safety Officer. Having a wide range of choices is great; having help making your selection is good too. Point Blank is always happy to discuss your options. Speak to one of our associates the next time you’re in the store or on the range. They’ll be happy to talk about your needs and help you come up with a plan.

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