range4Our Commitment

Shoot Point Blank is not a “gun club” – there are no membership requirements as we are open to, and serve the public. For frequent shooters we offer the economic benefits of range packages and access passes. We take pride in the cleanliness, care and overall operation of our ranges, so that you can have a fun and memorable experience.


Our shooting lanes are typically 25 yards long and can accommodate both handgun and long guns (rifle and shotgun). The range equipment is sourced from either Action Target or Range Systems and is constructed of AR 500 Steel, bullet proof glass and ballistic rubber. The ranges are designed by professional engineers with safety and comfort in mind.


  • The ranges are climate controlled (warm in the winter and cool in the summer!)
  • HEPA filtered ventilation systems move the air 75 fpm past the firing line to keep the shooter comfortable and odor free
  • Range Safety Officers are on staff in our ranges at all times

Range7Before You Come

Here are a few things to consider before you come to our Range
  • No membership needed, we are open to the public!
  • Bring your firearms in cases or range bags (the responsible thing to do)
  • Wear appropriate clothing, closed toe shoes (required) and pants are recommended, no low cut tops
  • Bring eye and ear protection, otherwise these may be purchased
  • Please review the Range Safety Rules prior to your arrival
  • Have government issued ID with you
  • Bring a valid FOID card (only required at our Illinois locations)
  • Keep safety in mind
  • Finally, get ready to have fun!

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