Range Pricing

Visit our location page for individual range prices based on the location nearest you.

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Liability Waiver – $3

If it’s your first time visiting Shoot Point Blank or it’s been over a year since you last visited us, there is a liability waiver fee of $3 and is good for 12 months.

Firearm Rental

Don’t own a firearm? No problem. You can rent one from us and it’s a great way to test drive a firearm before purchasing!

Range Memberships

Love to shoot a lot? A Shoot Point Blank Range Membership is a great way to shoot anytime, at any of our locations and save! Visit our membership page to select the option that fits your needs. In most cases, if you shoot 2-3 times a month, you’ll more than pay for the monthly membership fee and is less expensive than having no membership at all. Plus, you receive extra perks and benefits in addition to your range time. We’ll see you at the Range!

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