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TAURUS G3C 9MM 3.26IN 12+1

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Model: G3c
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The new Taurus G3C builds on the proven foundation that has made the compact G-series among the most popular personal defense/EDC handguns ever while advancing function, reliability, and durability to the next level. Furthermore, the Taurus G3C enters the market at a price point that continues the Taurus G-series handguns' industry leading cost-to-performance ratio. All the features of the original striker-fired full-size. Now available in an EDC-friendly compact frame. The all-new Taurus G3C delivers the ultimate balance of power and performance for any self-defense situation.


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Meta DescriptionThe Taurus G3c improves on the proven compact G-series making it one of the most popular self defense handguns while maintaining its reliability. Available Now!
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Joseph T
Nailed it!

After reading many reviews and watching dozens of videos on Taurus pistols, I was ready to purchase the G3 but ending up getting the G3C. I don’t have large hands so the compact size was perfect for me, you get 3 magazine switch nowadays you don’t seem to get with the other more popular manufactures on the market, fire is pretty accurate, and at the time of purchase, I picked it up for $250 during holiday season which was basically a steal. The only problem I would say is that the grip is very aggressive. Feels like you’re rubbing your hands 80 grit sandpaper but a sleeve with finger grooves took care of that problem which only costs me 10 bucks. Perfect home defense or concealed carrier. Nothing against Glock, S&W, Sig but who doesn’t have one? I’ll be the guy that people ask “you have a Taurus”?

Tim T.

Absolutely in love with this firearm!


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Jaime G
Best compact gun!

Had only a certain budget and did a lot of researching and found that this gun had great reviews. Wow! this gun exceeded way more than I thought great gun to have if on a budget and it gives the more expensive ones a run for its money.


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Michael P
Taurus G3c

This was the gun I wanted from the start as an EDC. Could not find the anywhere unless I wanted to pay way high prices. Finally snagged one here at Shoot Point Blank.
I have shot 1000 rounds of ammo through this gun already. From hollow points to FMJ 115 and 124 gr. bullets. Also shot steel casings as well as brass. Even some of the polymer bullets. It did not misfire one time. Cleans up well and is easy to disassemble on the bench or in the field.
Weight for me was just right. I may be light for others but it was fine for me.
Grips are good, I am not fond of the rough textured grips although these are not too rough.
Hold on the gun is easy for me, I have smaller hands and getting up there in age as well so gripping the gun can sometimes be a challenge. With this gun I feel very comfortable using it.
Comes with three 12 round magazines which is good. No fancy box, but hell you can't shoot a box. Well maybe you can if you set it up somewhere.
It took about 150 rounds for me to get this gun set up for me. Finding the right grip and getting use to the iron sights that are on it. I have a bit of trouble seeing the sights, well because I am getting old.
I have Trijicon Night Sights on my Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm 2.0 Compact so I can see them much better.
Probably will do the same here or go to a Red Dot.
One thing to note:
There are limited accessories available for this gun. Holsters are out there but if you are putting anything on the is gun for example, Red Dot sights, Laser sights, you may have a hard time finding something that fits.

All in all, you can't go wrong with this gun. Very inexpensive but still made very very good. I would recommend this gun to anyone from someone that is just getting into shooting or even if you have been doing this for ever.

I hope this helps. Be safe.


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Bolivar G
It’s not bad for the price.

It’s a pretty good gun no malfunctions so far I’ve hade it for a year now with no problems. Highly recommend this budget gun.