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SKU: 12719
Model: Performance Center
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Built for personal protection and every-day carry with the new shooter in mind, the M&P380 Shield EZ Performance Center is designed to be easy to use. It features an easy-to-rack slide, easy-to-load magazine, and easy-to-clean design. It has a lightweight polymer grip and frame, reversible magazine release, tactile loaded chamber indicator, and Picatinny-style equipment rail. Not only does it have the enhanced Performance Center backstrap grip safety, it also includes a manual safety. The M&P 380 Shield EZ includes two easy-to-load, 8-round magazines, and the enhanced features of the Performance Center line. It includes HiViz LiteWave H3 Tritium sights, a flat face aluminum trigger, and ported barrel with lightening cuts on the slide to reduce weight. It also includes a Performance Center cleaning kit. This Performance Center model elevates the M&P380 Shield EZ.

ManufacturerSmith & Wesson
Pricing UnitGN
ModelPerformance Center

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So REVIEW TIME....... M&P performance center shield 380.

So first couple of mags had a lot of stove pipes and failure to load properly. Racked the slide a few more times to work with the gun looked everything over to make sure there were no issues. Loaded the 3rd mag and no issues from then on.

Put a total of 100 rounds down range.

Grip safety..... No issues at all if you hold it too tight it digs in a little but is that really an issues if you had to use it for protection?

Sights..... AMAZING only way to describe them.

Flat Trigger... Feels a bit different on the finger cause there is more contact. Does it allow for more control? I think so. After 20 or 30 rounds i really liked the feel of the flat trigger. Trigger is a bit stiffer then i thought it would be. But it DOES have a clean break.

Recoil..... Very very controllable. Nowhere near what a 9mm is.