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Cimarron CA1000 1858 New Model Army 45 Colt (LC) 6 Round 8" Blued Forged Steel Walnut Grip

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SKU: CA1000
Model: 1858
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As the self-contained metallic cartridge was being developed and perfected, many firearms manufacturers and private gunsmiths were busy converting the cap and ball arms to metallic cartridge models, more commonly known as "conversions." However, rather than convert the older percussion arms, the Remington factory began manufacturing their popular New Model Army revolvers as metallic cartridge guns. Cimarron has taken their 1858 models and improved these replicas for the modern shooter. The 1858 New Model Army is standard blue with an octagon barrel and have ejector rods. Cimarron's replica Remington New Model Army looks and handles like the real deal!

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