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Unlimited shooting on weekdays*

Invitations to Special Events

Early Access Days and Member Discount Days

Holster Hour $25 Learn More

*When a waitlist is in effect, unlimited shooting is reduced to 2 hours; then members will be asked to exit the range and placed at the top of the waitlist.  


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Jon T.
Great Value

I used to pay for each visit and one of the great associates kept reminding me that it’s a better value to be a Basic Member. So true. I really am glad I switched. (Now that Ammo prices have gone up it makes me feel like me shooting session is still very affordable) ! Thx


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great deal

I really like this membership! Until ammo became so expensive and hard to get I was going to the range once a week at a minimum. This membership has saved me a bunch of money! As soon as ammo is back in stock and on the shelves at a reasonable price I will be back to once a week and more. So if your are going to the range anyway get a membership and save a lot of money.


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Eric M
Love my Basic Membership!

I love my Basic Membership! I go to the range once a week and have a lot of fun shooting and staying sharp on skills and fundamentals.


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Benito B

I am a new member and have been enjoying my weekday membership. What I really like about it, and did not anticipate, is that I no longer feel Rushed and enjoy my time on the range much more than before. I can always come back for more fun next time.


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Lu W
Gavin D. SKU confirmation

Gavin D. was a great help in helping me understand the benefits of membership. Please ensure he gets credit for my purchases. Thanks! -Lu

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