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Athlon 210200 Cronus BTR 1-6x 24mm Obj 106.9-17.7 ft @ 100 yds FOV 30mm Tube Black Matte Finish Illuminated ATSR2 MOA (SFP)

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SKU: 210200
Model: Cronus BTR
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Whether you want 3-gun competition, tactical applications, or even your hunting adventures, the Cronus BTR rifle scope is just what the doctor ordered. The ATSR2 SFP IR MOA reticle is specifically designed for 3-gun competition and any NATO 5.56/.223 caliber rifle with hold over points for both bullet drop and wind. The 1.4MOA red dot is perfect for zeroing your rifle at 200 yards and the open centers below the center red dot are for targets at 300, 400, 500, and 600 yards. The unique design of open centers does not block any 12" or 18" targets beyond 200 yards and allows a shooter to take a quick shot once a target fills up the gap in the middle. The openings on horizontal lines below the center are specially designed for holding over 5 mph and 10 mph wind.
This Cronus BTR model has a 1-6x24 magnification.

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ModelCronus BTR

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