sw_ 170343The subject of buying guns online comes up often, and why not? Everyone’s buying habits have changed in recent years to include looking for the best prices on the internet. Online delivery is also getting faster for everything all the time. Why not firearms too? Well, the theory is sound, but federal regulations for buying and selling guns across state lines mean the reality is a little more complicated. That “transfer” process adds both dollars and days to your purchase.

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The rules as listed by the ATF can be found here. But the bottom line is this: Federal law requires that firearm transfers from state to state be completed by a Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL). Point Blank is a FFL. That means before you take possession, you must work with a FFL who will have to complete paperwork and exchange information with the seller before your gun is shipped. That process takes time and costs money.

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The process of selection is very different too. If you’re buying something truly new, it can be hard to select with a just a few photos to go on. Point Blank gives its customers a chance to try before they buy in the store. A purchase at Point Blank also comes with a range pass worth up to $22, a bargain you can’t get from an online retailer. We’ll also be there to back up the sale, in case of any problems. 

Of course there are other reasons for a transfer–heirlooms for instance, or other one of a kind items that nevertheless need to be shipped in accordance with the law. Point Blank is happy to serve as a FFL and facilitate transfers. But the smart firearms consumer will consider all the ins and outs of their purchase before they click. Even in the 21st century, the best deal may be one you’ll find close to home, especially when you can look for it in a brightly-lit showroom and try it first, in a climate-controlled HEPA filtered range like you’ll find at every Point Blank store!

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