Love to shoot a lot? A Shoot Point Blank Range Membership is a great way to shoot anytime, at any of our locations and save! Check out the membership comparison below for the membership that fits your needs. In most cases, if you shoot 2-3 times a month, you’ll more than pay for the monthly membership fee and is less expensive than having no membership at all. Plus, you receive extra perks and benefits in addition to your range time. We’ll see you at the Range!

Range Memberships

Range time adds up! Get your Membership today and start saving.

Basic range membership
$19.99*per month
Premium range membership
$39.99*per month
Elite range membership
$59.99*per month
Unlimited Shooting
limited to Monday-Friday ONLY
Invitations to Special Events
Events Early Access Days and Member Discount Days
5% Discount
everything but firearms
everything including firearms
Reserve Range Time
1 Free Guest
Free Rental Firearms
1 Free Firearms Transfer Per Month
1 Free Class Per Month
any class except AR Build
and Private Lessons
*Rate remain the same until the pass is terminated. Fees are charged to a credit card on a monthly recurring basis.

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