Insight Training

Are you tired of having inconsistent range days with large groups across the whole targets? Would you love to shoot accurately without question every time?

Shoot Point Blank is pleased to offer the next level of firearm training! We have teamed up with Insight Firearms Training to offer their trilogy of classes.

The first in that series is Deadly Accuracy. In this course, you will learn the tools needed to obtain your perfect shot each time you step up to the line. You will default to a mental state and true skill, by allowing your unconscious mind to take over. You’ll create a “zone” to enter and exit at will, giving your unconscious the ability to take over, shooting the way you’ve always dreamed.

Within this two-day course, you will gain:

  • Muscle memory for the consistency and the accuracy you dream of
  • Smooth and safe holster draws
  • Mental preparation for engaging and surviving a defensive situation
  • The ability to shoot one-hole groups and split a business card in half

Deadly Accuracy sets a solid foundation you can build on with future classes. The self-confidence you will gain allows your unconscious to eliminate any questions or doubts you may feel if you find yourself in trouble.

In the latter two courses, Speed Shoot and Killer Low Light, we will continue to build and grow your skills. We are set to offer these very soon. Get in early to have access to these as soon as they become available.

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