Free Workshops

Shoot Point Blank offers free workshops for new and experienced shooters. All workshops are held in our on-site classrooms with a Shoot Point Blank associate experienced in assisting with the following

    • Looking to get started with firearms, but don’t know where to start
    • New firearm owners who need help

Getting Started with Firearms

This workshop is designed for those who are looking to get started with firearms and don’t know where to start. Topics range from firearm safety, to how to choose the best firearm and how to properly store and secure it. This workshop isn’t just for handguns, so bring your questions about rifle and shotguns too!

New Gun Owner Orientation

Congratulations on your first firearm! Whether it be a recent purchase or  passed down from a loved one, becoming familiar with how to handle and operate it is essential. This workshop is for those who want to learn more about safety and maintaining your new firearm. If you would like more information, practice, and range time, we recommend to register for a Basic Handgun course.

AR-15 Lower Build Workshop

Learn how to build your own AR-15! This workshop is for those who want to know what parts are needed or those who have the parts and just need a little help. We will be more than happy to help you through the process!

Accessorize your AR

This workshop will teach you all of the accessories and optics you can add to your AR-15. The newest and hottest will be available to see and try on your firearm! Don’t see what you like? We can order it!

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