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FFL Transfers

Federal Firearms License Transfers (FFL Transfers) are required when a person wishes to purchase a firearm outside of the state they reside in or from a geographically inconvenient FFL holder. An FFL is a Federal Firearms License typically held by gun stores, sporting goods stores, and pawnshops. They are licensed to arrange your firearm transfer for you.

At Range USA, we've taken the stress out of the purchasing process by enabling our customers to quickly and accurately submit their FFL Transfer request online. *Please do not put the FFL as the shipping address to avoid a delay in processing your order. Need assistance completing your form? No problem! Stop by your local Range USA and let our experts assist you with all your FFL transfers and gun transfer fee.

We will require a valid form of government issued I.D. upon all firearm transfer pick-ups. Only the person whose name is on the transferred item’s paperwork can legally pick up the firearm.

All state or locally required waiting periods begin when the purchaser visits Range USA and completes the required Federal and State paperwork. Waiting periods do not begin when the firearm is paid for online or when the firearm is shipped.

Some states may require a fee for filing a background check, and that you are responsible for any required filing fees if required by state or local regulations.

There is a $75.00 Gun Transfer Fee for transfer-in items.

How do FFL Transfers work?

  1. Fill out the Firearm Transfer form below.
  2. We will exchange FFL information with the original firearm dealer and the dealer will ship to our Range USA location.
  3. We will contact you once the firearm has been checked in by our receiving department.
  4. You will need to complete an ATF Form 4473 for the necessary background check. *You must be the original purchaser.
  5. You will be charged $75.00 for the gun transfer fee PER FIREARM.
  6. No Class III transfers are permitted.
  7. We do not process or ship outgoing transfers going to another FFL.

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Firearm Transfer Form

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