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Gun Cleaning Services and Gun Repairs

Is your handgun or rifle overdue for a cleaning? All firearm experts will tell you that keeping your firearm clean and well cared for is essential for ensuring its safeness and functionality. However, for customers that don't have the time or the knowledge to clean and service their firearm, Range USA offers several Gun Cleaning Services and Gun Repairs for you to consider.

From parts installation to ultrasonic cleanings, our trained Armorers will provide exceptional care for your firearm. Visit your local Range USA and book your service today. *You should expect to have your firearm in service for about one week. Upon receiving the rifle or pistol at the time of service, your firearm will be thoroughly inspected by an armorer. If anything warrants further attention, a staff member will contact you.

Remember that improper gun cleaning procedures and gun accessory installations may cause your rifle or pistol to malfunction when you need it most. Prevent this from happening with the help of the friendly staff at your Local Range USA. Contact us today and schedule your service.

Below is a list of our Gun Cleaning Services and Gun Repairs / Installations with their estimated pricing.

  • Field Strip and Clean: $50
  • Detailed Clean - Ultrasonic: $100
  • Range Sight-In (ammunition must be purchased separately): $75
  • Trigger and Trigger Parts Install (only available for GLOCK, Smith & Wesson, SIG SAUER, and AR-15): $50
  • Night Sight Install (only available for GLOCK, Smith & Wesson, and SIG SAUER): $75
  • AR-15 Furniture Install (stock, grip, handguard and trigger guard only): $50
Gun Repair and Gun Cleaning Services
Gun Cleaning Services and Gun Repair