The Range Safety Officer and You

Shoot Point Blank loves to introduce new people to the enjoyment and challenge of recreational target shooting.

We welcome shooters of any experience level, including those who might even be using a firearm for the very first time. So as you might imagine, safety is our top priority.

If you’ve been to one of our Shoot Point Blank locations, you may have noticed someone walking behind the firing line, observing customers as they shoot on the range.

Maybe you wondered who this person is, and what do they do?

This is our Range Safety Officer (RSO), and their role is vital to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone who visits us. With the role comes great responsibility and we wanted to share with you how one becomes an RSO.

The primary purpose of our Range Safety Officer is to supervise shooting in the range to ensure the safety of others. They also continually monitor the condition of the range area to make sure we’re providing our shooters with a clean and well-operated facility.

They aren’t law enforcement, but they do always have the authority to address any situations they feel are unsafe.

And though they don’t provide individual instruction, our RSO can educate customers on the policies that promote a safe environment – and these are the same rules and helpful techniques that apply anywhere.

Range Safety Officers are also specifically trained to handle various firearm and ammo malfunctions, such as a double feed, squib load, hangfire, etc. This technical expertise has definitely helped alleviate customer frustration when needed!

They help confirm that customers don’t use prohibited ammo that may damage the range, and that other important rules are followed. When you have questions in the range, they are your resource.

Gun Safety Knowledge Builds Confidence

Most importantly, our Range Safety Officers continually reinforce the 4 Fundamentals for Safe Firearm Handling*:
• Always treat your firearm as if it is loaded
• Always point your firearm in a safe direction down range
• Never put your finger on the trigger until sights are on target
• Be sure of your target and what is beyond it

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been handling firearms for years or never fired one in your life (yet!), these four rules should always be present.

When you fully understand these fundamentals and always follow them, we believe anyone can become more confident and comfortable around firearms.

We take the training of our RSOs seriously, testing them with official NRA (National Rifle Association) course materials and content. They also go through 8 hours of formal classroom and on-range training to guarantee they know their important responsibilities inside and out.

Our RSOs set us apart from the typical local range – and play a crucial role in ensuring a safe and fun atmosphere for shooters of all experience levels!

We hope you’ll visit our new indoor shooting ranges in Memphis and Knoxville or any of our other great locations across the country.

*We will be going into each of these four rules in more detail in future posts, so stay tuned!

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