Shoot Point Blank loves to welcome first-time visitors or experienced shooters to our stores! We see this as a golden opportunity to share our passion for great sport of shooting, and to fulfill our mission of educating the general public about firearm-safety.

Here are some of their stories! We greatly appreciate their kind words, and hopefully you can find some parallels to your own experience at our ranges, classrooms and shops.

*And if you’d like to share your story with us, we encourage you to do so! Please use [email protected]

“My wife and I signed up for private lessons at your location. We love the location! Clean, well-maintained, and the whole staff has been welcoming and helpful. It had been several years since I fired a handgun, and my wife had never used one. Our instructor was Ray Wood, who we both thought was outstanding.

The sign of a great instructor are lessons that are simple yet very effective. In particular, he was an ideal instructor for my wife. He could see she was nervous, but he was very encouraging and importantly did not talk down to her. By the end of our second lesson, both of us has improved considerably in our ability to consistently hit our target. But I was particularly pleased when my wife said, “I’m so much more confident in my ability to handle my gun and shoot safely.”

Ray also made a recommendation on a firearm for my wife and he was spot on. My wife loves it and it makes her experience so much more enjoyable. Honestly, Ray exceeded my expectations. It was a great experience!”

Tim L. 2/27/19

“Another excellent experience with the people of the Louisville range. but then again that’s to be expected! On Saturday the 23rd I went over to put in some range time with my recently repaired FNX 45 and it went incredibly well (just like new) courtesy of Darrell and Dylan’s hard work!

Afterward I spoke with Aaron who is always the consummate professional and we talked about other future purchase options, and to my surprise they had another Mossberg Shockwave at just the right price point. It was another sale without hesitation thanks to the pleasant experience.

I also enjoyed speaking with new staff member Jose about our similar interests in handguns. He seemed very knowledgeable and courteous, a welcome addition to the great group working there.  I’d like to personally thank Dylan for setting up just the right price to get that Mossberg out the door, and also thank Darrell for his attention to detail and relaxed salesmanship during the transaction. You guys are the one and only firearms store that will EVER get my business as long as I can help it!

Thanks again and see you next time when I sneak away from my busy travel schedule.”

Adrian H., 2/25/19

 “I recently received my CCW from Shoot Point Blank. My instructor was Linda, who is one of the best in business. Very well-educated and passionate about what she does, every day. She is the reason I return to the Shoot Point Blank on Harrison as well. The place is organized, friendly to customers all the time, and makes you feel safe when you go there. Linda ended up suggesting the Sig Sauer P365 (I bought it) and I’m more than excited to get to the ranges to give it a try. Linda and Ray are awesome!!!!”

Brandon S., 1/31/19

I am 50 years old and a firearms “guy” since I was a teenager. In all those years, I had a reluctance to go to any gun store because of the attitudes and egos that permeate the firearms industry. I’ve always said the worst “ally” of the firearms industry has been the public retailer! Until now….

I had to move to Illinois from Texas (long story….) in January of 2019 so I knew I would have to give up my almost two decades of being a CCW permit holder in Texas and obtain my Illinois CCW. I attended Rick Ramos’ 16-hour course at the Mokena location and was just floored by the quality of instruction.

In addition, the facility itself has an amazing inventory and, I am still in shock, THE CROWDS! I could not believe the constant flow of people regardless of the day or time. As a business person, I am stunned that FINALLY someone is doing the retail firearms industry correctly. I cannot believe it took so long. Congratulations on your continued expansion and success as Shoot Point Blank is on a mission far beyond business, but in fostering the responsible (and fun!) exercise of the 2nd Amendment.

Mark B., 1/31/19

While visiting my mother over the holidays, we decided to go shooting together so she could get some much-needed practice. We visited a different range after Christmas, and I must say it was a terrible experience! Not just for her, but as a seasoned shooter myself I was horrified at the lack of knowledge from their staff. Neither of us felt safe on the range which seriously affected my ability to help mom work on her fundamentals.

Talking with her about it afterwards, I was saddened to learn this kind of negative experience was why my mom wasn’t practicing as frequently as she should, and why I always had to reteach her the fundamentals and nomenclature of her firearms. Her exact reasons came down to: 1) Time 2) Comfort with the firearm(s), 3) Feeling unsafe and 4) The staff was unprofessional and condescending.

With those in mind, I set out to find a new spot where she could go and not worry about these issues. I found some encouraging things about a range that was only 10 minutes from her home, and the following afternoon we found ourselves at your Shoot Point Blank location.

My first impressions were good upon our arrival. The outside was clean and uncluttered, the store was well-laid out and organized. Within 5 minutes of walking in, we were approached and asked if we needed assistance. We didn’t feel pressured to buy anything, and when I did have questions the staff was honest and friendly. One employee even said, “I’m not an expert on that firearm, but if you’d like I can go get someone who is?” This was shocking to me, but for the right reasons. I respect when someone is humble and honest enough to admit they don’t know something – but seem genuinely interested in making sure I get all the info needed to feel comfortable in purchasing a firearm
(or any product for that matter!).

I also watched how the staff interacted with my mom, when she asked basic questions and explained why we were there. I felt confident that your range and store would provide her with a good experience, so encouraged her to set up a lesson.

After that first session, she called me with so much excitement and couldn’t stop praising the instructor and your range! My mom also said she felt re-energized to continue learning and improving her shooting abilities.  All in all, I just want to thank Shoot Point Blank for providing her with a safe and positive experience so she can continue to gain confidence in her abilities.  Now you just need to open a location close to me!”

Dustin W., 1/23/19


*SPB Note: Because we encourage shooters of any experience level, including those shooting for the very first time, safety is a TOP priority. So, we find it quite alarming and unsettling anytime we hear our customers talk about feeling unsafe at other shooting ranges.

Every Shoot Point Blank location has a Range Safety Officer (RSO) always available, whose job is to ensure an enjoyable and SAFE experience for every visitor. If you ever have a safety question or concern, do not hesitate to let the on-duty RSO know!

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