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In our last post, we talked about the importance of taking the time to practice your shooting skills, and how developing better accuracy will make your sessions at our indoor range more enjoyable.

Here are two more signs you may see at our locations, and their meaning.


Promoting responsible firearm ownership is part of the core mission at Shoot Point Blank, and proper education and training is critical to accomplish this.

We believe a progressive-based education program – one that focuses on applying what you’ve learned in the real world, is what ensures long-term success.

All classes are taught by a certified instructor and all shooting happens in our comfortable indoor range facilities. Our classrooms are climate-controlled at each Shoot Point Blank location, and we offer a wide range of dates and times to meet your needs.

We’re very proud to say that 18,895 students attended one of our classes in 2018!



Deciding to get educated on firearms is just the first step. Choosing the best class for your experience level and skills is also imperative.

The most common mistake beginners make is taking a CCW class (concealed carry) as their introduction to firearms.

This course is certainly one of our most popular – but it was designed for a more seasoned shooter. Basic firearm safety principles are included, because they are integral to EVERY course we offer.  However, this class was developed to meet state training requirements so that attendees can apply for a concealed carry license upon completion.

The first class we recommend for any novice is our “Intro to Firearms” course. Here the instructor will teach the basics about gun safety and operation, along with professional advice on selecting the best firearm for your individual needs.

The best part? You can take this 1-hour class FREE of charge!

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Even the most experienced shooters can benefit from a refresher course as techniques evolve and firearm designs change over time, so we also feature numerous advanced classes.  Specialized topics include drawing from the holster, rifle builds, and programs designed specifically for women shooters.

Private lessons are always available too!


We saved this sign for last, because it sums up our entire business philosophy and brand essence into two simple words. First conceived by our company founder Tom Willingham, our goal is to provide every Shoot Point Blank customer or student with the tools they need to “Live Confidently”.

This can be done through range practice, education and proper firearm care. 

EDUCATION – We have expertly-trained, certified and passionate instructors and sales associates who teach our customers on how to confidently handle, properly clean, accurately shoot and safely store a firearm.  Whether it’s for personal protection, competition or recreation we can’t stress enough how important it is to become a responsible firearm owner.

RETAIL – We deliver exceptional value through the product knowledge and expertise our associates can provide to our customers, which makes them feel more confident about their purchase.  Because value is not defined solely by price.

RANGE – We offer a safe, clean and climate-controlled range environment for customers to practice their shooting skills and become more comfortable with their firearm.  The more practice and repetition on the range, the more confidence they gain!

We hope you’ll come see us at one of our locations across the country, including our new Houston indoor shooting range recently opened in the Cypress neighborhood

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