Living Confidently – Our Signs

At Shoot Point Blank, there are a few key phrases that we use to support our core mission of promoting responsible firearm ownership while celebrating the great sport of recreational shooting.

We’ve taken some of the most important and put them on signs that hang inside our stores, to reinforce these concepts with employees and share them with customers. When you understand their meaning, you’ll also understand what we value as an organization – and why we are so different from the competition!

Here is another one of those signs, and an explanation of the philosophy behind the saying:




We’ve shown how consistent practice is required to maintain your shooting skills and overall confidence handling your firearms. But it also makes recreational shooting a whole lot more fun, too!

This is because no matter what you’re shooting: arrows, golf balls, baskets, even firearms – the more accurate you are, the more you’ll enjoy the activity.

The concept shared on this particular sign isn’t hard to understand. Consider someone who only made 1 basket for every 20 shots they took. Missing the basket 95% of the time wouldn’t be much fun for most people, and they’d likely lose interest in playing basketball if they didn’t begin to improve.

The same holds true for shooting. If you only successfully hit the target a small % of the time, your sense of accomplishment and overall enjoyment probably won’t be very high either. Since we all gravitate towards activities that make us feel good, this makes it less likely you’ll continue with the practice needed to get better.

Once you’ve developed greater accuracy and control, your shooting sessions become more fulfilling and fun, motivating you to continue growing your skills.

It also makes it more likely you’ll be prepared for a real-life situation that isn’t so fun – but when accuracy matters most.


Improving Shooting Skills Over Time

Pay attention to the last part of the sentence above about our hypothetical basketball shooter, “if they didn’t begin to improve.”  

What matters most is where you end up, not where you begin.

Sticking with the previous example, maybe our shooter really DID make just 1 basket out of 20 their first time out! But the next time they practiced, maybe they made 2 or 3 shots; the time after that, they sank five. Seeing steady progress is what’s important, because this provides the motivation to keep going.

Everyone starts from their own base level when it comes to shooting skill, which depends on things like hand-eye coordination and ability to focus. An accomplished athlete who’s naturally good at these things may have more success during their first visit to the range than others who lack this experience.

But anyone can improve these traits with practice. And though physical strength is helpful when shooting, your mind plays an even bigger role.

This makes recreational shooting quite a democratic sport, an activity where both men and women of any age and prior experience can excel with the proper training.  Even the physically-disabled can compete a very high level!

Stress can also have a BIG impact on accuracy, which is another reason why frequent training to improve your comfort level when handling and operating a firearm is so helpful.

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