Learning Your Way

Owning a firearm is a big responsibility, even for a long-time shooter. A new gun owner can feel it even more acutely. Fortunately, a class can go a long way toward making that owner more comfortable and more confident. We host them right here. At Point Blank, you’ll always find well-equipped, climate-controlled learning centers, whether you’re in the classroom or on the shooting range, with one of our certified Range Safety Officers. Our instructors are welcoming and so are your fellow students.

Still, there are times when you may find you’re better suited to one-on-one instruction. Point Blank offers Private Lessons created especially to address individual needs like these: 
  • The Beginning Shooter
Sometimes it’s more comfortable to take it at your own pace, knowing an instructor has no concern except the instruction you need. That pace might be slow, or it might be quick, filling in gaps for a returning shooter. Private Lessons can absolutely help, in the classroom or on the range.
  • Family Affairs
Private Lessons are available for up to two students. So taking the time for a lesson with a son/daughter/spouse can make some great memories. It’s also a fantastic way to emphasize the importance of learning to a young shooter. One-on-one instruction can be a great way to make YOU confident in that new shooter’s abilities too, a big win for everyone.
  • Taking It to the Next Level
Private Lessons are a real treat for the experienced shooter too. Perhaps you’ve acquired a firearm that’s new to you. A Point Blank instructor can help take you from proficiency to mastery. Maybe you’re ready for concealed carry. One-on-one instruction can put the finishing touches on the skills you need to get it. Even at the top of your form, a Private Lesson is a great way to share expertise and techniques with a pro.
But your reason doesn’t need to be listed here. There are as many reasons for Private Lessons as there are students. That’s fine; Point Blank customizes each two-hour lesson to your specifications.
One thing is certain: you won’t learn by doing nothing. Practicing with your firearm is what makes you a better shooter. Whatever learning plan you prefer—one of our regular classes, Private Lessons, or just time spent on one of our ranges, experience matters. Stop in at Point Blank and we’ll be happy to answer your questions, offer some tips, and make sure you have everything you need to be a safe, confident, responsible firearm owner.
See you on the range!


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