Get Ready for Glock’s New Model Release!

The much-anticipated release by Glock of an exciting new firearm is here! One hundred firearm retailers in the world will be unveiling this new firearm on Saturday, August 26th. Point Blank Range and GunShop’s ten locations will be playing a substantial part in making Glock history. Point Blank will be holding an exclusive event at all ten locations to unveil this new firearm with free test fires, gear giveaways, and most importantly the chance to buy history.
Point Blank Range and GunShop will also be breaking the internet by giving someone one of these mystery firearms for free! The one lingering question is, what has Gaston Glock dreamt up this time? The internet is abuzz with speculation about what is coming. Some people speculate that Glock has developed a new carbine to compete with other manufacturers’ offerings. There has been a photo that floated around the internet of a Glock 1911, that was later proven a hoax. Glock was also competing for a lucrative government contract, that some think may be the genesis for a new model of Glock’s venerable hand gun line. This internet speculation will come to a dramatic conclusion on Saturday, August 26th at Point Blank Range and GunShop, and someone will end up with one of the first new Glocks for FREE! Register for a chance to win-

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