Firearm Accessories for the First-time Buyer

If you’ve made the decision to buy a firearm for the first time, congratulations!

Practice is the only way to become an experienced shooter! You owe it to yourself and those you protect to maximize your skills. Point Blank makes it painless, with clean, climate-controlled ranges, staffed at all times with a certified Range Safety Officer. The first step, though, is to learn the fundamentals. Our classes at Point Blank are taught by certified professionals, whether you’re just looking to cover the basics, or aiming for your Concealed Carry. And don’t forget our free seminars, our Lady Sure Shots club, and even private lessons! Consult our online calendar for details.

  You’ll also want to take a second to make sure you have the other items a first-time buyer is likely need.

1.    Ammunition

There are several choices when it comes to ammunition, and you will likely need more than one kind. Most people buy at least two types. The first is FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) ammunition, for use while practicing on the range.  FMJ is not ideal for personal or home protection because it does not expand upon impact. For that, you’ll likely want JHP (Jacketed Hollow-Point). JHP is ideal for home protection and self-defense. because it expands upon impact and will not penetrate all the way through your target. That’s especially important in home defense situations.

2.    A Holster

If you plan to carry the firearm on your person, you’ll want a holster to carry responsibly. Again, there are different choices based on the firearm and your personal preference. 
 3.   A Range Bag

A range bag holds your firearms, ammunition, ear and eye protection, and accessories, so they’re easy to transport. Point Blank has a selection that matches your needs, from duffels to backpacks. 

 stackon safe

4.    A Storage Solution

You have several choices for responsibly storing and protecting your firearm. Review your options to choose the solution that’s right for you.
 hoppes cleaning kit

5.    A Cleaning Kit

Many firearms should be cleaned BEFORE your first trip to the range to remove the factory grease. Cleaning your firearm properly is as important as firing it properly. A kit will contain everything you need to get the job done right. Make sure the kit matches your firearm caliber or choose a universal kit that fits most calibers.

6.    Eye and Ear Protection

Don’t forget a set of safety glasses and high-quality ear protection. You’ll need them every time you’re on the range. Comfort is important, since it can’t protect you if you’re not wearing it! Some people prefer plugs (inserted in the ear) while others prefer muffs that cover the entire ear. It’s up to you.

As always, a knowledgeable Point Blank Sales Associate can walk you through your choices and help you select the firearm and accessories that match your needs. And our large stock means you can review plenty of options first. That’s why we’re here—to welcome you to the community of responsible firearm owners and help you enjoy an exciting new hobby. See you on the range!

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