Concealed Carry-Next Steps

If you’ve already earned your concealed carry license, congratulations! Point Blank has helped more than 7,200 gun owners reach that milestone so far, and we’re adding to that list of responsible, well-prepared shooters every day. It’s a milestone you can reach with the proper training and effort. And it’s an achievement to be proud of.

 But what comes next? Well, once you have your concealed carry license, you’ll want to be sure you are comfortable with these new techniques and habits—on the unfortunate chance that they you need to put them to use in the real world. That means obtaining new levels of proficiency for most people—actually perfecting your skills in a potentially different environment.

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Naturally that’s another journey Point Blank has made with many shooters. At the center of it is our CCW Skills class, listed on our class calendar. It’s a four-hour class focused on the finer points of your new reality. You’ve taken on a new responsibility; make sure you have the skills to go with it.

 Let’s look at some examples.

Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness is something everyone benefits from. It means understanding your surroundings and the impact of your actions anytime you’re carrying your firearm. How will you develop your observational skills? It helps to hear from experienced firearm owners. Our instructors will illustrate and explain with their safe and attentive habits. 

 Drawing From a Holster

Adding a holster to your shooting routine is no small thing. Drawing effectively can make a huge difference in your ability to respond to a challenge effectively. While we can’t do it on the range, there is a sure-fire cure for inexperience: practice, and quality instruction.

 Magazine Handling

By the same token, loading your firearm on the go is also an entirely new challenge. We’ll show you how and give you the opportunity to get better at it, with knowledgeable assistance.

Range Time

The class includes two hours of range time—because instruction and practice are equally important. And any new skill is really learned the same way: by training over and over, to turn good reflexes into muscle memory. You want your hands to know what to do as much as your head does.

 It can’t be stressed enough: there is no substitute for spending time on the range. The goal is clear: to become a skilled shooter who is comfortable using your firearm in any circumstance that requires it. And you can’t reach that goal—or maintain it—without practice. Point Blank highly recommends its All-Access Pass. For a monthly fee, you receive a long list of benefits, including free range time, range reservations, store discounts, even free guests. It works at any Point Blank location and pays for itself after just two visits. 

 eye and ear protection

Our class description includes a list of the things you’ll need—ammunition, magazines—and Point Blank can help you fill in any gaps. You can purchase anything you need on the day of your class.

 Don’t forget, there are lots of great ways to learn, including classes, private instruction, even communities like our Lady Sure Shots. Whatever your needs, Point Blank is anxious to welcome you to the community of responsible firearm owners and concealed carriers. Congratulations!


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