Welcome to Shoot Point Blank!

Thank you for choosing to shoot and shop here, our entire team appreciates it. For those of you who’ve gone elsewhere in the past, you can probably relate to my story. 

It was 2012, and I was getting tired of being mistreated at the local gun shop and range. Stores were dirty, dark and disorganized. Their staff seemed more interested in “testing” my firearm knowledge than providing any customer service, with an attitude more condescending than educational. The whole process felt intimidating.

Why wasn’t buying or shooting a gun enjoyable like every other retail experience? What happened to “the customer is always right”? Sharing my experiences with others, I learned they were the norm in this industry. There just wasn’t a good venue for my fellow 50 million Mainstream Gun Enthusiasts. After two particularly bad shopping experiences one Saturday morning in February 2012, I had enough. There had to be a better way!

I was 51 years old, with no retail experience – just a strong belief that a common-sense approach in this segment of the firearms industry would be refreshing and welcomed. Despite the risks, I cashed in my 401k and savings, secured an SBA loan, and we opened our first Shoot Point Blank location in Cincinnati, Ohio that November.  The profits from that first year were put right back into the next one, and the rest is history.

At Shoot Point Blank we’re committed to treating you right every time we have the opportunity. The loyalty of our customer base and the diligence of our associates have been keys to our success. Our attitude is different than the rest and it shows.

I hope you fulfill the experience you came for, and I personally want to thank you for your business. I want your journey to Living Confidently to start with Shoot Point Blank.

Live Confidently,

Tom Willingham

The Shoot Point Blank Difference

Your firearm purchasing or shooting experience is our priority. It doesn’t matter your age, gender or experience level – we want you to feel welcome here.

We promise to always provide you with:

  • Indoor ranges designed for safety and comfort
  • The best stock of popular firearms and ammo always available
  • Climate controlled shooting lanes with triple HEPA filter ventilation
  • Range Safety Officers on staff in our ranges always
  • Free test fire on top name handguns and long guns
  • Certified instructors offering classes for all experience levels

Shoot Point Blank’s Mission


Live Confidently

We have found that our customers purchase firearms, shoot on our ranges, and attend our classes for a number of reasons including protection, recreation, competition, stress relief, etc. The underlying common theme is that everyone participates in order to live more confidently.

It is our goal to make sure every Shoot Point Blank customer feels more confident about their firearm knowledge and handling when they leave our stores. Whether it’s through our classrooms, on our range or what they purchased, they should feel more comfortable, responsible and confident with how they handle their firearm.

If you’re going to own a firearm, be responsible and take full ownership of how to fire, clean and store it. We can’t stress how important this is to us and hopefully to you.

Here are a few comments from our customers about their “Live Confidently” experience…

“I really enjoy coming to Shoot Point Blank because I feel extremely safe especially inside the range. I was at another local range once and I felt like I was in a bad part of large city… I’ll stay at Shoot Point Blank and will highly suggest to all I talk to, to go to Shoot Point Blank.”

“Bradley W. handled all of our paper work and got everything setup for our first 30 minute visit. He was very helpful answered questions and helped my wife feel very much at ease. The Range Safety Officer also helped with our first visit and provided a nice comfort level on the range.”

“Absolutely top notch customer service! (especially Gary and the Range Safety Officer there during daytime hours)…Always going above and beyond to answer all of my and my sons questions, making sure we have all that we need and pointing other suggestions of what we might want to try, given past choices. Just wanted to send out a very special and sincere thank you for helping me to make my son’s birthday (04/27) an extra special one! Quality Momma & Son Daytime Shooting!”

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