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At Shoot Point Blank indoor shooting ranges, there are a few things that we feel set us apart from the competition.

First are our facilities, with their amenities, layout and high level of cleanliness. We also offer the best products, with the most popular firearms and ammunition always in stock, and the opportunity to test fire any of our firearms before you buy.

But Shoot Point Blank is much more than our physical stores and the products we sell.

We know an integral part of our continued success is our associates. When you know the story of our founder Tom Willingham and his reasons for starting our company, you’ll understand why we consider the attitude of our staff to be so critical.

Our goal is to deliver exceptional customer service with consistently high standards. Our expectation is to always do what’s right for our customers.

In contrast to what you may experience elsewhere, we want you to feel welcome and comfortable at our stores – no matter your age, gender, or experience level.  When you have questions, you shouldn’t feel intimidated to ask them!

When staffing our locations, we look for employees that exhibit a high level of customer service, and our training and development focuses on this aspect of our business.

We ask our staff to consistently:

  • Greet every customer sincerely, with a smile and eye contact
  • Give each customer your full attention, understand by observing their behavior, and ask them meaningful questions
  • Explain the store layout (provide a tour when possible), products and services we offer, what’s new and exciting at your store and Shoot Point Blank
  • Suggest recommendations, appropriate alternatives, promotions, events or sales, new products in the store
  • Thank every customer by name, and invite them to return to the store

We make sure our associates understand THEY are the deciding factor when it comes to your overall satisfaction.

Every associate is also required to complete basic firearm education courses, and we provide them with ongoing educational tools, so they can continue to cultivate their knowledge about the products and services we offer.

Our certified instructors are exceptional teachers who take great pride in their work. Their mission is train and educate our customers on proper firearm safety and responsible ownership.

Every location also has highly experienced Range Safety Officers on staff monitoring the facility at all times.

The firearm business is a lot of fun, however, safety and proper handling and promoting responsible firearm ownership are Shoot Point Blanks’ associates main responsibilities.


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