Private Instruction

Do you want to learn the basic fundamentals of a firearm, improve your accuracy, or learn more about defending yourself with your firearm? Our Point Blank Private Lessons are designed to provide the very best two hours of individualized instruction. A custom lesson is developed to your specific needs.

Topics of interest

  • Beginners classes
  • Specific firearms focus
  • Specific technique focus
  • Self defense
  • Carrying a concealed weapon
  • Competition shooting
  • Create your own!
The two-hour lesson includes an hour and a half of private classroom instruction as well as a half hour of range time. Upon arrival for your private lesson, please bring the following
  • A firearm you are comfortable firing. Rental firearms are available
  • 100 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye and eye protection
  • Any additional accessories such as magazines, holsters, or speed loaders you wish to use
NOTE: Please arrive at least 20 minutes before your scheduled time if you need to rent a firearm or purchase ammunition or accessories.

Private Lesson Pricing

  • 2-hour one-on-one private lesson is $119
  • 2-hour semi-private (max 2 students) lesson is $149
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