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At Shoot Point Blank, one of the integral parts of our continued success is our associates. Our goal is to deliver exceptional customer service with consistently high standards. Our expectation is to do what is right for our customers.

Exceptional customer service is the cornerstone of our business and sets us apart from our competitors. We have made a commitment in the training and development of all Shoot Point Blank associates. Treating every customer as our guest is our mantra at /shoot Point blank. Implementing and managing to our GUEST standards is critical to the success of Shoot Point Blank:

  • Greet every customer sincerely, with a smile and eye contact
  • Understand by observing behavior, by asking questions that impacts the customer and by giving the customer your full attention
  • Explain the store layout (provide a tour when possible), products and services we offer, what’s new and exciting at your store and Shoot Point Blank
  • Suggest recommendations, appropriate alternatives, promotions, events or sales, new products in the store
  • Thank every customer by name and invite them to return to the store
  • Whenever you assist a GUEST, you are a deciding factor in whether or not they have a great experience and a lasting impression of Shoot Point Blank. For every one of your GUESTS, you are what Shoot Point Blank is all about. For them, you are Shoot Point Blank.
We require every associate to complete basic firearm education courses as well as providing access to several additional online educational tools to help our associates continue to be more knowledgeable and informed about the products and services we offer. We feel that by committing to this training and development assists us to make the customer feel more comfortable about their purchase, while ensuring that we have placed our customer with their preferred choice which allows for a satisfied overall experience for our customer.

We also have NRA certified instructors, who are exceptional teachers and take great pride in their work. Their ultimate goal is to provide our customer with proper training as well as teaching responsible firearm ownership.

Each and every Shoot Point Blank associate believes in the respectful treatment of all individuals.

The firearm business is a lot of fun, however, safety and proper handling and promoting responsible firearm ownership are Shoot Point Blanks’ associates main responsibilities.

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