Concealed Carry

Ohio Concealed Carry ($119 per person)

This 8-hour course is needed in order to obtain your Ohio Concealed Carry License! With 6 hours of hands-on classroom learning and two hours of range time, this course meets all the requirements of the Ohio Revised code. Point Blank offers 2 day (4 hour each day) or 1 day (8 hours) classes. All Concealed Carry classes are instructed by a certified NRA instructor.

Kentucky Concealed Carry of a Deadly Weapon ($85 per person)

If you want to carry a concealed firearm in the state of Kentucky, this is the course you need! With 6 hours of hands on in classroom learning and two hours on the range, this course meets all the requirements set up by the Kentucky State Police. At all Concealed Carry courses, students will learn
  • Firearm safety and handling
  • Fundamentals of shooting, pistol parts and operation
  • Ammunition overview
  • Firearm cleaning and maintenance
  • Proper shooting technique – two handed standing position
  • Range rules
  • Continued opportunities for skill development
Students will need
  • A firearm fitting their comfort level. Rentals are available for those who do not own a firearm
  • 100 rounds of ammunition. Ammunition can be purchase the day of the course. NOTE: Please leave ammunition in the car until ask to retrieve it
  • Recommended, but not required, are speed loaders, extra magazines, and a hat
  • 1 Day Concealed Carry courses include a 30 minute lunch break. You can bring your own lunch or leave to pick something up. Please note the 30 minutes is strict and students are expected to be back within that time frame
Students are provided a Point Blank CCW Booklet which includes the Ohio Concealed Carry Laws and License Application handout Students receive a certificate of completion after qualifying and completing the course.

Illinois Concealed Carry

Coming soon!!