Getting Started with Concealed Carry

There’s no doubt that Concealed Carry is one of the hottest topics among firearms owners. That’s why more than 7,000 students have completed Point Blank Concealed Carry classes in just the past two years! For some, the right to carry

Responsible Storage Solutions

When we think safety, it’s natural to be most concerned about how you handle a firearm. You wouldn’t think of resting your finger on the trigger, or pointing it haphazardly. When a firearm is in your hand, it’s clearly your

Point Blank Range & GunShop Opening In Merrillville, IN!

CINCINNATI, OH  •  January 2017 –   Point Blank Range & GunShop has started construction on another location in Merrillville, Indiana at 8600 Louisiana St.  This will be the 3rd location for Point Blank in the Chicagoland area, after opening stores

Learning Your Way

Owning a firearm is a big responsibility, even for a long-time shooter. A new gun owner can feel it even more acutely. Fortunately, a class can go a long way toward making that owner more comfortable and more confident. We

Point Blank Range & GunShop Opening in Louisville, KY!

CINCINNATI, OH • February 2017 – Point Blank Range & GunShop is making great progress on the construction of their newest store in Louisville, Kentucky at 330 N. English Station Rd. This will be the 2nd location for Point Blank

A New Year and a New Hobby

It’s January at Point Blank Range & GunShop, and that means a lot of new faces! Many of you received new firearms for the holiday, so we especially want to welcome first-time firearm owners to a wonderful and exciting new


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