People Living Confidently-Cecil Brown

At Shoot Point Blank, we are proud of the community we’ve built—a community of people with different backgrounds and lifestyles who nevertheless share a common interest in firearms and in Living Confidently. What does Living Confidently mean? Every member of the community has his or her own unique definition and their own unique story. That definition may include traditions of family and service, personal independence, the love of an exciting sport, and much more, in a wide range of exciting combinations. In this feature, we share the stories of our associates. We hope you’ll accept our invitation to join the community and create your own story of Living Confidently!
This is Cecil Brown from our Florence location and this is his story of Living Confidently. After graduating High School in San Diego, I joined the Army and was stationed at Fort Lewis in Washington State. I then attended the San Diego Police Academy and joined the department full-time. Along the way, I became I licensed pilot, and even became co-pilot on a Lear Jet. I retired from law enforcement after 34 years, and now live in Union, Kentucky. I am an avid reader and enjoy fishing with my grandsons. My wife of nearly 50 years, Judy, and I also enjoy traveling and participating in Civil War reenactments. We took our family to the 150th anniversary battle at Gettysburg recently. I consider it an honor to teach at Shoot Point Blank, where I am a Department of Criminal Justice Training (DOCJT) Firearms Instructor. I am also a National Rifle Association instructor. I have many stories about police work that I enjoy sharing with my students. I was taught to shoot and handle firearms as a young boy by my father, a veteran of the second world war who also served in the San Diego Police Department for 35 years. I often wish he was still alive to experience Shoot Point Blank with me!


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