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For your convenience, all courses at The Point Blank Academy are hosted in modern, comfortable classrooms in the same facility as our indoor range. With the area’s largest and most advanced climate controlled shooting range, we are able to train regardless of the weather! Experience one of our courses for yourself and see how safe and fun this sport can be!

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Core Courses:

1-DAY-CCW-CLASS_SMLOhio Concealed Carry Certification Course (CCW Course) 8 Hrs $119

If you want to carry your firearm concealed in the state of Ohio, you need this course.  NEWLY UPDATED! As of January 2014, all our CCW courses will include the NRA 8-hour Basic Pistol courses AND the NRA packet. The course also features 2 hours of range time for shooting and training; this course meets all the requirements of the Ohio Revised Code to obtain a Concealed Handgun License in Ohio. This is the 8 hour course that most everyone has heard about!

The NRA portion includes: NRA’s rules for safe gun handling; pistol parts and operation; ammunition; shooting fundamentals; range rules; shooting from the two handed standing position; cleaning the pistol; and continued opportunities for skill development. Students will receive the NRA Guide to the Basics of Pistol Shooting handbook, NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure, Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification booklet, and will take a Basics of Pistol Shooting Student Examination

Notes: all 1-Day CCW courses have an allotted 30 minute lunch period. You may bring a lunch with  you or you may go out for lunch; however, the 30 minute time is rigid and cannot be extended. For 2-Day CCW courses, you do need your firearm for both days: day 1 involves manipulation of the firearm in the classroom and day 2 includes the live-fire portion of the course

1-DAY-CCW-ladies-only-CLASS_SMLCCW for the Female Shooter 8 Hrs $119

Ladies Only! This course has the same material as the CCW course with women in mind.


Basic Handgun 4 Hrs $50

The primary goals of this course are handgun safety and basic shooting safety. This course is ideal for first time shooters or as a great refresher for someone who has been away from firearms for a while.

SPECIAL: $40 Basic Handgun course if you purchase a firearm AND sign up for the course on the same day.


Advanced Handgun 6 Hrs $80

A six-hour course focusing on the practical and competitive uses of a handgun.

If you’re considering competing in an action pistol match, or just want to refine your handgun skills, this course is for you. This course is geared toward a full-sized semi-automatic handgun, and will be more difficult with a smaller pistol. Very small “pocket pistols” are not recommended. Topics that will be covered include: review of fundamentals, e.g. grip, stance, trigger management, and sight alignment; development of a smooth draw and efficient presentation to the target; speed reloading techniques; malfunction clearing; multiple target engagement; shooting on the move; shooting from various positions ; match shooting procedures and range safety rules; match stage breakdown and analysis; and shooting under the stress of timed competition.

Students will need a handgun appropriate for this type of shooting, a strong side belt holster that securely holds their pistol, and at least two magazines. No cross-draw, shoulder holsters, or holsters located anywhere but on the belt. You must be able to draw your pistol from your holster without covering yourself or others with your muzzle. A drop-leg style holster on the strong side is permitted

Tactical-Rifle-Class_SMLTactical Rifle 4Hrs $60

A four-hour entry-level course covering how to safely and effectively use the AR-15 style rifle. Topics include: a brief history, nomenclature, and operation; grip, stance, trigger management, and sights; magazine changes; malfunction clearing; multiple target engagement; shooting on the move; and shooting from various positions. A minimum of 150 rounds and at least two magazines, including a way to carry them, is required. Eye and ear protection (plugs AND muffs recommended). A sling is not needed for this class, but is welcome.

Ladies-Self-Defense-Class_SMLSelf Defense 6 Hrs $70

Ladies Only! This six hour class is designed to give women age 14 and older a practical understanding of what potential threat environments exist for them on a day-to-day basis in today’s society.  It focuses on how to take basic, but effective physical action to defend oneself against a physical attack and get away from the assailant.  The class will cover mental and emotional considerations involving defending against an attack, offer ideas to avoid putting oneself in a situation that will likely result in being targeted for an attack, and ultimately, teach field-tested techniques to defeat one’s attacker and allow an escape to safety.


>Refuse to Be a Victim® 4Hrs $30

This is a four hour crime prevention seminar, designed to provide common sense information geared toward awareness and avoidance of criminal attack.  Seminar participants are presented with a variety of common sense crime prevention strategies they may integrate into their daily lives. Participants will better understand criminal thinking and will be provided tips on maximizing home, travel, automobile, telephone, technological, and personal safety.  Participants learn unbiased information about carjacking prevention strategies and self defense training options. There are no firearms in this class.

Cancellation Policy

    • All classes may be rescheduled or refunded up to 24 hours in advance. Within less than 24 hours, all classes can be rescheduled for a $30 fee or you will lose the class. If you need to cancel or reschedule for any reason, please call 513.322.5070 and ask to speak to the Shift Lead on duty.
    • Please bring a current photo ID to check into the range.
    • Arrive 15-20 minutes early if you need to rent a firearm, purchase ammunition, or get eye/ear protection.
    • Students may use the side lot for parking and can enter through the academy entrance.
    • All ammunition should be left in your car, as live ammunition is not allowed in the classroom. You will have time to get the ammunition out of your car before the range portion.
    • Please dress appropriately for the range. No open toed shoes, sandals or low cut tops. A baseball style hat and pants are recommended.
    • Speed loaders and an extra magazine are recommended although not required.
    • CCW class needs at least 100 rounds of ammunition; Basic Handgun needs 50 rounds of ammunition.
    • CCW classes will receive a 30 minute lunch break; Basic Handgun and most other classes will receive 10 minute breaks. You may bring snacks or drinks or use our vending machines on site.

If you have any additional questions, please email

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